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Titan Water-Cooled Heat Pump

Titan Water Cooled Heat Pump

Very popular in the public aquarium and aquaculture industry Aqua Logic’s Titan Water-Cooled in-line heat pumps feature water-cooled condensers, making them ideal for installations with an existing freshwater supply. They use water to cool the condenser instead of air provided by a fan and motor. Their low heat emission, compact size, and quiet operation allow them to be used in tight spaces with minimal ventilation.

Sources of the cooling water include the facility’s chilled water loop, municipal water supply, cooling tower, or well and spring water.



A number of factors influence the correct size of heat pump required for your application. While standard Btu calculations can be applied, and our Heat Pump Specifications can offer some guidelines, the parameters of your application will be the deciding factor in correct size selection.


Powder coating available for stainless steel stand at an added charge.

Coastal coating protection available for condensing units that may be exposed to salt air or corrosive environment. Additional charge will be incurred.

Stainless steel stand can be upgraded to 316SS at an additional charge.

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