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Delta Star Water-Cooled Heat Pump

Delta Star Water Cooled Heat Pump

A big hit with public aquariums and aquaculture facilities, Aqua Logic’s Delta Star Water-Cooled Heat Pumps feature water-cooled condensers, making them ideal for installations with an existing freshwater supply. They use water to cool the condenser instead of air provided by a fan and motor. Their low heat emission, compact size, and quiet operation allow them to be used in tight spaces with minimal ventilation.

One unit handles both the heating and cooling functions automatically in both freshwater and saltwater applications, and provides stable, thermostatically controlled water temperatures between 40ºF- 85ºF.


Perfect anywhere with access to supply water that can be pumped through the heat exchanger. Sources of the cooling water include; facility chilled water loop, municipal water supply, cooling tower, or well/spring water.

System Requirements



HP/Tons Nominal BTUH Volts/Phase Amps. Watts L W H W2 WO WI Refrigerant Type/Charge City Water Use (GPM) WC Water In/Out (FPT) Water Flow Rate (GPM) Weight (LBS) Shipping Weight (LBS) Shipping Dimensions (INCHES)
DSHP-4WC 1/3 4,050 115 5.4 621 19" 20" 15" 1 1/2" 8" 4" R134A/24oz .5-1.5 3/4 8-15 70 85 23x24x19
DSHP-5WC 1/2 6,000 115 9.5 1092 24" 20" 17" 3” 10" 5" R134A/30oz .7-2 1 1/2 12-25 100 119 33x26x25
DSHP-6WC 1/2 6,000 230/1 4.8 1104 24” 20" 17" 3" 10" 5" R134A/30oz .7-2 1 1/2 12-25 100 119 33x26x25
DSHP-7WC 3/4 9,500 115 13 1495 27” 22" 16" - 10" - R134A/2lbs 5oz 4 - 15-30 112 150 33x26x23
DSHP-8WC 3/4 9,500 230/1 7 1610 27” 22" 16” - 10" - R134A/2lbs 5oz 4 - 15-30 112 150 33x26x23
DSHP-9WC 1 12,000 230/1 7.2 1656 27” 22.5" 16" - 10" - R134A/3lbs 5 - 20-35 117 160 33x26x23
DSHP-10WC 11/2 21,000 230/1 9.5 2185 31” 26" 19" - 13" - NJ-22/4lbs 9 - 25-40 147 250 36x33x24


A number of factors influence the correct size of heat pump required for your application. While standard Btu calculations can be applied, and our Heat Pump Specifications can offer some guidelines, the parameters of your application will be the deciding factor in correct size selection.

Things To Consider

Home Aquariums: The life support equipment on your aquarium contributes excess heat to your system, including pumps, filters, and lighting. Tank material, surface area, plumbing, and sumps also play a role, as do a number of other seemingly small details. Give us a call and our experienced technicians will ask the right questions about your set-up to get the answers we need to size the right unit for you.

Aquaculture/Hatcheries: Beyond the LSS equipment, these systems can be vast and varied in their set-up, from small indoor hatcheries to huge outdoor fish farms. With so many specific factors to consider, we are here to help size the right heating and chilling equipment. We have heat pumps, chillers, heat exchangers, and boilers of every size, so give us a call and tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll get you exactly what you need.

Hydroponics: Typically hydroponics applications have a relatively low water volume spread out over a large area, which means a tremendous amount of heat may be gained or lost. Grow lights and sunlight contribute significantly to water heat and encourage growth fungal growth and disease that can be harmful to plants. Our heat pumps or chiller can help maintain the optimal growing water temperature so you can maximize your yield. Call us for assistance with proper sizing.

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